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Failed Multipoint Lock (mpl)

Attended to a lady in Crowborough after a locksmith’s failed attempts to open her upvc back door with a broken multipoint lock left in tears.  We were able to open the broken lock, fit a new mpl gearbox and leave her overjoyed with a working upvc back door. She thought she was calling a local Crowborough Locksmith she […]

Hopper Deposit Safes

This Dudley Hopper Deposit safe was the last and at 315 kgs the heaviest of the safes we have installed this week, also more unusual having the hopper deposit feature at the top. http://www.dudleysafes.com/cr3000-cr4000-hopper-deposit.html Thinking about getting a safe, Contact us    

Kent And Sussex Burglaries

Whilst the  spate of burglaries across the 2 counties continues, Sussex Police have some good advice. Check it out here http://www.sussex.police.uk/policing-in-sussex/your-community/crime-prevention-advice/home-security

Security Tips For The Festive Season

Don’t advertise what you’re up to on social media over this holiday period.  Burglaries are on the increase at the moment, we are seeing the results first hand. Remember to lock up properly and set your alarms before going out, it doesn’t hurt to leave a few lights on and close the curtains/blinds. Have a […]

Burglar Alarms

60% of burglaries attempted on homes with alarms are unsuccessful, despite this 71% of homes still don’t have a working burglar alarm. If you would like a quotation for an alarm to improve your security Contact us

Home Security

Between Halloween and Bonfire Night domestic burglaries increase by around 26%.  Dark nights, noise and distractions present the perfect opportunity for criminals.  Have fun but lock up and be vigilant.

Shed and Garage Security – Week 4 NHSM.

Shed and Garage Security Check your garden.  Don’t leave anything lying around that a thief could use to break in and steal your possessions. Figures show that burglaries can increase by up to 20% at this time of year and sheds and garages are an attractive proposition to thieves during winter, as they are often […]

Safes To Protect Valuables – Week 3 NHSM

Keeping gift receipts and expensive jewellery in a home safe that’s securely bolted to the floor or wall can provide added protection to keep burglars at bay this Christmas.  On average us Britons are spending £822* on Christmas presents each year, not only increasing the value of items in our homes but also the temptation to […]