Key Won’t Go In Lock – Handy Tip

If you’re having trouble getting your key to go into your lock this could be due to a dry cylinder (the cylinder pins are sticking).  Lubricate the pins with a squirt of WD40 via the keyway which will cure this problem, under no circumstance use oil.  If you still experience difficulties Contact us

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  1. Jim Bradshaw
    Jim Bradshaw says:

    Key prolems due to dry cylinders are common in my area. My solution is that when you turn your clocks back or forward (Spring & Fall) ; change your smoke alarm batteries and lubricate all your locks.

  2. Richard Phillips
    Richard Phillips says:

    Suggest you sell and recommend a small puffer bottle of graphite and advise to be SPARING with it for cylinder locks.

    GT85 will serve lever locks, also the bolts of cylinder locks.


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