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If you have been told that you need a safe or have items of particular value, at home or work, then you should consider getting a safe to store them in.  However, it’s not just a case of popping down to your local DIY store to buy one.  You need a safe to be professionally specified and fitted for it to provide any real protection, also you need some advice on what safe you should be buying.  What do you need to store in the safe?  Does your safe need to meet insurance requirements?  We will be able to specify and install the appropriate safe and size of safe that will meet your needs.

For the best advice and information Contact us, also why not have a look at this link to the Master Locksmiths Association.


Hot Weather This Weekend


If you are going out this weekend make sure you have secured all your windows and doors properly, don’t give them an opportunity.

Whatever you’re doing have a lovely time.

Lock Cylinder Snapping

Have a look at this link from the Master Locksmiths Association for information about the most secure lock cylinder to prevent lock snapping.


UPVC Door Locks

THE TEMPERATURE’S RISING and we’ve had our first call of the season to a lock out on a UPVC door suffering from the hot weather, these doors can be problematic in the summer.  2013 reached a record high with a large number affected.  TIP:  IN THE SHORT TERM if you experience heat related problems on a door which has been cooking all day, we have found that a bucket of cold water or running a hosepipe may alleviate the problem!

We are able to adjust doors and multipoint lock mechanisms to allow for heat expansion.

Contact us for all UPVC door related problems.