Failed Multipoint Lock (mpl)

Attended to a lady in Crowborough after a locksmith’s failed attempts to open her upvc back door with a broken multipoint lock left in tears.  We were able to open the broken lock, fit a new mpl gearbox and leave her overjoyed with a working upvc back door.

She thought she was calling a local Crowborough Locksmith she found on Google but it turned out that his company was in London, so do your research!

To avoid disappointment call a professional locksmith and security company, preferably a member of the Master Locksmiths Association.




UPVC Door Locks

THE TEMPERATURE’S RISING and we’ve had our first call of the season to a lock out on a UPVC door suffering from the hot weather, these doors can be problematic in the summer.  2013 reached a record high with a large number affected.  TIP:  IN THE SHORT TERM if you experience heat related problems on a door which has been cooking all day, we have found that a bucket of cold water or running a hosepipe may alleviate the problem!

We are able to adjust doors and multipoint lock mechanisms to allow for heat expansion.

Contact us for all UPVC door related problems.