Slamming Door To Lock – Handy Tip

Slamming door to get it to lock?  One of the causes could be because the lock bolt needs lubricating.  Metal on metal friction prevents the latch from passing smoothly into the lock keep (strike).  It is so easy to remedy this particular problem.  A quick spray of WD-40 (if you haven’t got any a bit of butter will do) on the bolt will cure it.  You wont believe the number of times I get called out for this.  The customer has been slamming the door for so long that the frame fixings have loosened and sometimes the bolt is bent.  The main entrance door to a block of flats I visited recently was just being left open due to this problem and resulted in one of the flats being burgled.

A small can of WD-40 is a must in all store cupboards/garages/toolboxes.

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